BEAT 2016

Precio PVP: 429,00 €
Oferta: 289,00 (IVA incluido)
Esta oferta está disponible hasta fin de existencias.
Referencia: BEAT 2016


BEAT 2016



  • Short and compact measurements for extremely fast manoeuvres
  • 3 mil. Square-Ply and Kevlar Warp Laminate for even easier handling
  • Zero monofilm for longevity and full action
  • Completely compatible with SDM and RDM
  • The Beat is our super light, super agile freestyle sail that will let you make all of your tricks and moves so easy like never before The reduced weight is achieved by the use of lightweight Square-Ply material in the upper area and solid, lightweight Kevlar Warp Laminate in the stressed zones and in the leech. Our sail designer Renato Morlotti added two more smaller sizes, 4.2 and 4.5, to our line, ideally for lighter riders or in stronger winds. The sail turns very quickly with the compact measurements which give a shorter boom requiring only small inputs so you can really focus on your next move. The elastic Dacron luff panel lets the sail re-shape quickly and gets you going again without stalling. This design feature also provides superb planing abilities for simple easy going cruising.

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