RRD POP 5'2"

Precio PVP: 490,00 €
Oferta: 299,00 (IVA incluido)
Referencia: POP5'2

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 Freestyle Strapless Short Kitesurfboard

The perfect stick to use when conditions are not quite the “ideal world” and you still want to ride strapless and practice those new freestyle tricks on flat water or small surf. It’s a pleasure to ride the POP with light winds when you need some meat under your feet to get going and also to allow you some time of safe floatation when you are not a “flash gordon” while tacking of trowing your first strapless jumps.

Landing jumps on this board is soft, the wide outline and the surfboard kind of construction developed for kiteboarding is the best answer to tricks and fun time playing on water. The board that makes any conditions fun and still allows to ride small surf with speed and great aerials potential. The rail channels help grab.

Designed around an entirely new outline base with a very wide mid point, a squared nose, inspired by the new mini-maxi surfboards to increase floating potential on this super short stick, and a very wide but gently rounded swallow/fish retrostyle tail, to increase the POP potential of this modern freestyle /surfboard shape.

Slight tail lift on a very straight rocker with kicked nose on a constant scoopline, makes the perfect balance when wanting to mix freestyle with surfing.


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